Do It Yourself (DIY) Training


Being free to establish yourself and do things the way you wanted them is what everyone wishes for, that is what we call independence, and it's a primary thing one can do to himself/herself. Nobody loves to be controlled because of money, therefore with this practical training manual for product formulations and the Production process you are sure of being your boss and becoming financially buoyant, you do not need to be a burden to anybody. You will be financially stable with this manual guide in as much as you will follow and develop the zeal to seek knowledge and put them into practice.

In this Chemical Industries, there is a lot of opportunities you can be part of whether you’re into Chemicals or not, we will show you the secret of being successful with an accurate product formulation and Production processes because it's not enough to know the ingredients to produce a particular product, you need the measurements and the right combinations which we have shown in this manual as you proceed with it.

In this powerful training manual, we will cover the various important product in the area of laundry and cleaning products, disinfectants, Hair and skincare /body products.

Of course, you know this product can be used daily as a chemical consumer product to various organizations and corporate bodies, a good example is:
 The church, Hotels, Banks, schools, clubs, offices, Bars, Supermarkets, homes, slots, boutiques, barbing saloons, filling stations, Guesthouse, Market, hospital, clinics, Car wash, laundry outlet, Airport, Restaurant, Factories, private individuals e. t. c
You can take your product to this place and make cool cash by bringing service to them or saving the cost of purchase from the market if you intend to produce for yourself and family members.

This manual also contains the list of various Chemical names and functions used in this Production and as well the safety precautions to be taken while doing your productions on a small or large scale.

May the Lord lead and help us to know more as we proceed to learn, do business and make money.

BC Chemical Industries Ltd,we have dedicated an awesome to prepare for you an excellent working Cleaning and Laundry Products.

The Training manual and Production videos is available.

*Floor Degreasers

*Fabric conditioner (Formulation and productions Process 1, & 2)

*After Wash

*Concentrated Floor tiles cleaner

*Concentrated Bleach solution

*Household bleach

*Scouring powder

*Dishwashing liquid soaps

*Toilet wash

*Concentrated Stain removal

*Multipurpose soaps/wash

*Transparent liquid soaps/wash

*Car Wash

*Liquid hand wash

*Powdered detergents

*Liquid detergents

*Spray starch solution

*Cold water starch with antisole

*Laundry bar soap

*Gel Air freshener

*Air freshener formulation 1, &2

*Mopping Air freshener



This is the section for DIY Disinfectant Product,the training manual and videos of products training is available.

*Hand sanitizer with aloe vera Gel

*Spray Sanitizers

*Hand Sanitizer with Carbopol


*Disinfectant spray

*Aftershave solution

*Insecticide solution

*Dettol water/spirit base.


This is the section for Hair Care Products careful formulated by BC Chemical Industries Ltd,the training and Production videos is available.,To gain access message us!

*Anti-Dandruff oil

*Hair conditioner

*Hair Cream

*Hair Shampoo

*Nail polish remover

*Hair Gel

*Hair setting lotion.





This is the section for DIY Skin Care,the training manual and videos is available, request for them!

*Body oil

*Glutathione Sheabutter Lightening creams

*Moisturizing body lotion


*Organic Pink lips creams

*Pink lips creams


*Beard oil

*Butt enlargement

*Hot balms ointment

*Body wash

*Antiseptic body wash

*Lime body scrub

*Skin lightening black soaps

*Tablet Bathing soaps.