Formulation Services

At BC Chemical Industries Ltd,we re the leading Provider, formulators of powerful Households and Industrial chemical products worldwide.

Your product is confidential,our job is to provide you the formulations and production process of your desired products.

At BC Chem,we have the team of resourceful Professional chemical Engineers and Chemist with over 20years experience in the chemical industries as a product Developers/Designers.

BC Chem will always surprise you with Unique product creations and highly professionalism in handling your data and information.

We cover products Formulations in Healthcare care, Pharmaceutical,Agro & allied chemical Products, Cosmetics,Organic & Inorganic chemical Products, Cleaning & Laundry, detergent,Pulp & Paper,Lubricants , Hair & SkinCare products,Food additives & preservatives, swimming chemicals,et.c

BC Chem will welcome your request & demand for quality products making!

At BC Chemical Industries Ltd,

We extend a wonderful professional services on products Formulations and Designs that covers all the areas in the Chemical Industries Ltd


We awaits your request.



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This section is for product designs