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What are Caustic Soda Pearls?
Caustic soda pearls (also known as sodium hydroxide, caustic soda, NaOH, sodium hydrate, or Sodagrain) are white spheres of caustic soda with a barely perceptible odour. They are soluble in water, with the liberation of heat, and are stable under normal conditions.


  • Paper and Pulp Industry: Caustic soda pearls play a crucial role in pulping wood and bleaching paper, making them an essential ingredient in paper production.
  • Soap and Detergent Manufacturing: Caustic soda is a key component in the saponification process, which transforms fats and oils into soap. It also serves as a thickening agent and pH adjuster in detergents.
  • Textile Industry: Caustic soda is used for mercerization, a process that enhances the luster, dye uptake, and strength of cotton fibers. It's also employed for scouring and bleaching textiles.
  • Aluminum Production: Caustic soda dissolves the alumina present in bauxite ore, the primary source of aluminum. This makes it a vital step in the aluminum production process.
  • Chemical Processing: Caustic soda is a versatile base material used in the production of various chemicals like sodium hypochlorite (bleach), sodium chlorate (herbicide), and sodium carbonate (soda ash).
  • Petroleum Refining: Caustic soda helps remove impurities and sulfur compounds from crude oil during the refining process.

Household Applications:

  • Drain Cleaning: Caustic soda pearls can effectively clear clogged drains by dissolving hair, grease, and soap scum. However, due to their strong alkalinity, extreme caution and proper protective measures are necessary while using them for this purpose.
  • Oven Cleaning: Caustic soda is a powerful degreaser, making it useful for removing tough baked-on grime from ovens. Again, due to its corrosive nature, it should be handled with utmost care and used strictly as per the instructions.
  • pH Adjustment: Caustic soda can be used to raise the pH of swimming pools and hot tubs, helping maintain optimal water balance.

Other Uses:

  • Food processing: Caustic soda is used in small amounts for peeling fruits and vegetables and processing olives.
  • Biodiesel production: Caustic soda plays a role in the transesterification process used to convert vegetable oils into biodiesel.
  • Water treatment: Caustic soda can be used to adjust the pH of wastewater and remove certain impurities.


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